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Embedded EW Training System Development
With decades of experience developing, fielding, and supporting embedded EW training systems, EWA GSI lets Warfighters “train as they fight” in individual, team, combat systems, and force level operational scenarios. We develop specific systems, such as for Navy shipboard EW & countermeasure system trainers, to broad systems, such as our COTS EW Suite, used in EW classrooms to MAST systems to platform specific flight simulators.

Rapid Design and Development
Our customers rely on EWA GSI as the go-to company to get the job done right. When faced with a time critical design and development requirement, our engineering labs and skilled, cross-matrix of workforce facilitates rapid solutions to support our customers’ needs.

Systems Integration
Skilled at solving complex problems, EWA GSI is a recognized systems integrator, providing expert software and hardware engineering solutions to our customers. As technology advances, we ensure new sub-components are seamlessly integrated with existing, often legacy equipment, whether across networks, in intelligence shelters, or on littoral combat ships.

Tagging Tracking and Locating Technologies
EWA GSI has a 15 year history providing custom tagging, tracking, and locating solutions to Special Operations Command and other Government customers.

Testing and Fielding
Inherent to our Engineering services, we provide rigorous testing and fielding services to our customers. Following systems engineering practices we focus on issues such as reliability, logistics, requirements management, evaluations measurements, and risk management. We also provide In-Service Engineering Agent support to our customers.