EW Cyber Convergence

EW Full Spectrum Support: Cyber Tabletop (CTT) Wargame Exercise 

While many industry organizations can support cybersecurity testing with engineering and technical products, EWA provides the unique capability to support the entire spectrum of Cybersecurity T&E. EWA has extensive expertise in both military missions and the cyber environment which is necessary to integrate into effective Cybersecurity. Our AGILE and RESPONSIVE capabilities provide support for our customers across the entire DoD six-phase Cybersecurity T&E Process [as referenced in the DOD Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Guidebook, July 1, 2015 V 1.0]. EWA leads the characterization and assessments process that is fundamental to identifying vulnerabilities and developing actionable and credible requirements needed for Cybersecurity T&E planning. The Cyber Tabletop (CTT) wargame exercise, used extensively by the DoD and developed with assistance from EWA, is one of the tools used by multiple Service and Joint programs as well as Major Range and Test Facility Bases to identify the vulnerabilities and develop the actionable requirements. It is a disciplined approach to help understand cyber kill chain threats in an operational mission context. Then EWA supports the customer with excellent technical and engineering capabilities to include Modeling and Simulations, design and manufacture of software and hardware, signals processing, and on-site support for penetration testing, test execution, as well as Electronic Warfare, and Cyber Defensive T&E.

EW Cyber Exploitation and Testing of Emerging Technologies
The exploitation of advanced or emerging technologies through the use of EW/Cyber techniques.

EW Subject Matter Experts: Advanced Technology Development and Testing
The analysis and testing of methods to exploit and deny the effects of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

EW Training and Simulation Products
A complete Software package that provides a single and/or multiple solution(s) for EW training or simulation.

Information Assurance Assessments: Cyber Security SMEs
Provide information assurance and interoperability assessments to military organizations and their subordinate commands throughout the world on an annual exercise schedule.