Test & EvaluationUV SA-LED Field Test View 1

Cyber T&E
Provide Subject Matter Expertise in IO processes, procedures and policy including programmatic support.

Electro-Optical Laboratory, RF/UV/IR, Radiometers, Sensors, Sources and Test Equipment

  • Electro Optics Laboratory (EO Lab)
    Custom EO/Opto-Mechanical Design and Fabrication
    Custom Programmable UV and IR Sources Design and Fabrication
    Custom UV Witness Sensors and Data Acquisition
    Directed Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) Detection and Evaluation System (CD/E)
    High Resolution (Sub-nanometer) Source and Sensor Characterization
    Laser Beam Characterization
    Remote Electro-Optic Telemetry
    Scalable UV Missile Plume Simulators
    UV Imaging Radiometers (ICCD, IPD, EMCCD)

Modeling and Simulation
We develop system specification, design and effect using a variety of mathematical and environmental modeling and simulations.

  • Reprogrammable Threat Signal Processors
  • Countermeasure Detector Evaluator
  • Surface-to-Air Threat Simulations
  • Plume Measurement Simulations

Program Management Support
Providing Subject Matter Expertise and staff action officer support primarily in the T&E and Acquisition arena. Provide test planning, test conduct and post test analysis support to various T&E activities, specifically in the areas of Radio Frequency and Infrared Countermeasures and Directed Energy.

Range Instrumentation and Systems Engineering
Provide the system engineering for various government range instrumentation programs to include improved telemetry upgrades, new and improved TSPI systems and overall management of requirements.

  • Range Radar and Telemetry Instrumentation Upgrades and Modernization

Studies and Analysis
Identify test capability requirements, documenting existing capabilities, identifying shortfalls, performing trade-off analysis, and developing a resource roadmap to resolve the documented shortfalls.

  • Test and Training Resource Analysis of Alternatives
  • Investment Roadmaps

Threat Simulation
Specializing in radar related software and hardware systems design, upgrade, development and integration with a wide range of waveform generation, receiver and digital signal processing (DSP) products and applications.