With more than 35 years of experience, EWA GSI proudly delivers the highest quality of products and services across a broad range of technology and engineering specialties. EWA GSI is recognized for solving complex technological challenges and delivering on-time solutions for our customers and across the globe.


Embedded Systems
Embedded EW Training System Development
Military Vehicle Resets
Production and Engineering Support for Military Rack Systems
Rapid Design and Development
Systems Integration
Tagging Tracking and Locating Technologies
Testing and Fielding

EW Operational Technology
EW Cyber Exploitation and Testing of Emerging Technologies
EW Subject Matter Experts: Advanced Technology Development and Testing
EW Training and Simulation Products
Information Assurance Assessments – Cyber Security SMEs

Test & Evaluation and Training
Cyber T&E
EO Lab, RF/UV/IR Radiometers, Sensors, Sources and Test Equipment
Modeling and Simulation
Program Management Support
Range Instrumentation and Systems Engineering
Studies and Analysis
Threat Simulation

Radar & Threat Simulator 
Modeling and Simulation
Radar and Threat Simulators and Stimulators
Radar Design, Development and Upgrades
Radar Hardware Design and Development
Radar Integration and Test
Real-time Software Development
Threat Assessments