With 40 years of experience, EWA GSI proudly delivers the highest quality of products and services across a broad range of technology and engineering specialties. EWA GSI is recognized for solving complex technological challenges and delivering on-time solutions for our customers and across the globe.

Embedded Systems
Embedded EW Training Systems Development
Embedded Solutions
Hardware, Software, Firmware
Rapid In-house Design, Implementation and Test, and In-service Support Production and Engineering
Tagging and Tracking, Sensors, and Systems Integration

EW Cyber Convergence 
Cyber Test and Evaluation (T&E)
EW Cyber Exploitation and Testing of Emerging Technologies
EW Subject Matter Experts: Advanced Technology Development and Testing
EW Training and Simulation Products
Information Assurance Assessments – Cyber Security SMEs
Multi-Domain Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments
World-Class Exercises

Test & Evaluation

EO Lab, RF/UV/IR, Radiometers, Sensors, Sources & Test Equipment
EW/Cyber Convergence
Modeling & Simulations (M&S)
Program Management
Range Instrumentation and Systems Engineering
Studies and Analysis
Spectrum Reallocation
Threat Simulation

Radar & Threat Simulator 
Modeling and Simulation
Radar and Related Systems
Radar Hardware Design, Development and Upgrades
Radar Integration and Test
Real-time Software Development
Threat Assessment