EWA GSI owes its success to the collective skills and experience of its management team and our employees. Having experienced software & radar engineers, and program managers working together as a team for the common goal of securing a more secure future, we produce systems that work.

Brian P. Moore, PMP, CISM

Distinguished Military Career, Retired Army Colonel Signal Corps
30 years of Executive Leadership Experience

Brian started his career with EWA as the Executive Director of Corporate Cyber Security Programs until taking on the role of President in 2014. Brian brings considerable multi-functional expertise in a number of different areas through-out EWA GSI including: Cyber security, strategic management, finance, operations, and business strategy. His results-oriented, operational approach and ability to think strategically plays an essential role in positioning the company to remain competitive and poised for growth.

Brian serves as Board Member of the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA); formerly served on the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International Cyber Security Committee; is a participating member on various National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) Cyber and Infrastructure related Public Working Groups; and volunteers his time as Coach for Piedmont Predators Ice Hockey Club and Patriot High School Ice Hockey.

Division Leads

Thomas J. Bonazza
EW Training & Technologies

With over 25 years of service with EWA GSI, Tom and his team of dedicated employees in Fairmont, West Virginia are key to the success of this company.  Tom has years of experience in various disciplines of Electrical Engineering, System Engineering, Engineering Management and Program Management. The professional relationships he has built in developing new business for the company and his creative solutions to the most demanding challenges for our customers is a true testament to his loyalty and commitment to EWA GSI.

Terrence L. Clark
Test & Evaluation and Range Support

Terry had a distinguished career as a civilian employee in the Department of Defense, including over 15 years of leadership in the Senior Executive Service, and retiring as the Director, Range Department, Naval Air Systems Command. With over 36 years of technical and management experience, Terry joined EWA GSI in 2016 and his keen insight and results-oriented, strategic approach has been instrumental in positioning EWA GSI to be part of the solution to many challenges that face our national assets within the T&E community. His experienced team across the nation continues to be the driving force for the success of our T&E business.

Philip L. Kavitsky
Radar and Threat Simulators

Phil has over 35 years of EW experience in the development of radar systems and simulations. He leads the Mt. Laurel, New Jersey facility in the development and fielding of open-air range and hardware-in-the-loop threat radar simulators, instrumentation radar electronics and processing upgrades, and special purpose active electronically scanned antenna radar. The Mt. Laurel operation has been providing advanced threat radar simulators for developmental test and evaluation and operational test and evaluation of electronic warfare devices and tactics since 1991.