EW Training & Technologies Division

Located in Fairmont, West Virginia, our division specializes in embedded solutions that include technologies involving hardware, software, and firmware. Our robust system engineering processes and management practices ensure user requirements are satisfied.

Tactical EW Training Solutions: Train as you Fight!

Battle Force Electronic Warfare Team Trainer (BEWT)
Shipboard tactical training for afloat operators of the AN/SLQ-32(V)2-5.
Support for:

  • Individual EW module training
  • Single ship combat system training with Battle Force Tactical Training (BFTT)
  • Multi-ship training via the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE)

Surface Electronic Warfare Team Trainer (SEWTT)
Next generation tactical training software only application for AN/SLQ-32(V)6 and beyond.
Integration with BFTT and NCTE
Training support for:

  • Specific Emitter Identification (SEI)
  • High Gain/High Sensitivity (HGHS)
  • Countermeasure Deployment

Tactical Classroom Training Solutions

Enhanced Shipboard Operator Training System (ESHOTS)

  • Combat team and multi-ship training system for EW operator schoolhouse
  • Support for all AN/SLQ-32 variants and EW supervisor consoles

AN/SLQ-32 Simulators

  • Developed as part of the Combined IAMD (Integrated Air and Missile Defense) ASW Trainer (CIAT)

Capability Demonstrators

EW Modeling, Simulation and Visualization
Electromagnetic Spectrum Visualization Tool (ESVT): A software tool to provide visualization of the electromagnetic battlespace.

Gaming and Training Tool
Naval EW Defense Simulator (NEWDS): A battlespace simulator built on game-engine technology demonstrating an approach to improve training using gaming.

Embedded Systems: Design, Development, and Integration

Tactical EW Training

  • Simulation and stimulation of tactical systems.
  • Shore based simulators and classroom trainers.
  • Spectrum visualization and training applications.

Wireless Technologies

  • Design, development, and production of a family of GPS and RF tags.
  • VLF magnetic communications.

Systems Integration and Core Capabilities: Engineering, Design, and Development

Hardware and Firmware

  • Custom board products
  • GPS and RF tags
  • RF radar subsystems


  • Embedded software applications
  • EW training applications
  • EW modeling, simulation and visualization
  • Tactical system integration

Rapid in-house design, implementation, and test

In-service support

Production and production engineering


Advanced Operational Training System (AOTS)
AN/SLQ-32A/B Simulators
Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer (BEWT)
Electromagnetic Spectrum Visualization Tool (ESVT)
Embedded Tracker
Enhanced Shipboard Operator Training System (ESHOTS)
Naval EW Defense Simulator (NEWDS)
Surface Electronic Warfare Team Trainer (SEWTT)
Tagging, Tracking, and Locating Software