Radar and Threat Simulators

Radar and Threat Simulators
At EWA we are proud to offer the following Radar and Threat Simulation Technologies:

Our newest development, the Multi-functional Radar Simulator (MFRS) that represents
a powerful, programmable, reconfigurable and cost-effective next generation threat

Hi-fidelity Radar Simulation for evolving high priority threat SAMS

The Nemesis™ Radar, a multi-function phased array radar operating in C-band (5400-590 MHz)

Subject Matter Experts in Threat Emulation and Instrumentation Radars and
Systems Engineering

Radar Related Software and Hardware Systems Design, Upgrade and Development
and Integration along with a wide range of waveform generations, receiver and
digital signal products and applications

Radar and Threat Simulators and Stimulators

Real Time Software Development

Real Time Programmable Hardware Development

Threat Assessments

Radar Integration and Test

Radar Design, Development and Upgrades

Radar, Targets and Signal Environment Effects M&S