Radar and Threat Simulators

Radar and Threat Simulators Division

Radar Design Development and Upgrades
In house analog and digital hardware and software development

Large-scale Systems Design
COTS/ Open Architecture Solutions
Total Systems Solutions
Embedded Real-time Software Development
Threat Assessments
Integration capability for Ships, Ranges and Labs
High Performance, Programmable Hardware Development
Digital Signal Processing
Phased Array Technology

RF Threat Simulators
Open-Air and Laboratory Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems fielded for Army, Navy, and Air Force customers

Open Air Radar (OAR) Simulators
• Full function radar systems for open-air test ranges
• Hi-fidelity threat emulation for DT&E and OT&E
• Threat representative signal generation and signal processing
• Integration of radars into existing range infrastructure

Laboratory Simulators
• Closed-loop hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) systems
• Below-deck equipment common with Open Air Range (OAR) Simulators
• Environment generation subsystems provide realistic RF environment injected into radar, ECM, and seeker receivers
• Integration with lab infrastructure for common simulated targets in multi-threat environment

Multi-functional Radar Simulator (MFRS)
• Powerful, next generation programmable, reconfigurable and cost-effective threat simulator
• Composable radar configurations
• RF operating frequency range of 500 MHz to 40 GHz
• User programmable for wide variety of radar and missile seekers
• Current RF versions provide two simultaneous radar simulations
• Supports multiple analog interfaces to EW systems under test in multiples of four channels
• Supports testing of phase and amplitude angle of arrival devices
• Digital only version for modelling and simulation at I/Q signal level, extendable to full hardware version

Instrumentation Radars
Complete Low-Power Group Equipment Upgrades to aging systems
• Servo motor upgrade
• Tracking optics with star calibration
• Low-level electronics, processing and display replacement
• Beam steering unit replacement
• Enhanced wide band radar scheduling, waveform generation, and signal processing

Multiple Track Instrumentation Radar (MIR) Upgrades
Multiple Object Tracking Radar (MOTR) Upgrades
NIKE Radar Upgrades

Counter UAS Radar: ‘Nemesis Lite™ in development
Portable short range track-while-scan radar development
• X-Band solid state
• Full 360 degree coverage
• Electronic elevation scanning
• Mechanical azimuth scanning
• -25 dBsm targets at 10 km
• 7.5 m range resolution

Board and Chassis Level Products
Multi-channel high rate Direct Digital Synthesis
Wide dynamic range Digital Receivers
High Speed multi-signal synchronization
Programmable Timing and Control

RF Printed Circuit Modules
Up Converters
Down Converters
Switched Filters Banks
High Isolation Fast Switches
High Dynamic Range Attenuators