Test & Evaluation and Range Support

Test & Evaluation and Range Support

Electro-Optics Lab [In-house capability involving state-of-the-art ultraviolet (UV) sensor and source technologies]

EW Cyber Vulnerability Testing [Determining the readiness and viability of networks to withstand cyber attacks]

EW Operations_IO Red Team [Providing an opposition force with current real-world communications technologies for SIGINT training]

EW Threat Systems, Simulators and Jammers [Mobile and Multi-role Systems Provide Operational Realism]

  • Open Air Radar (OAR)  and Laboratory Simulators
  • Advanced Threat Simulator [Turnkey HIL lab and open-air versions]
  • Actively Electronically Scanned Array Jammer [Replicates three ground based jammer threats]
  • GPS Jammers [Mobile, self-contained]
  • Multi-functional Radar Simulator (MFRS) [Powerful, next generation programmable, reconfigurable and cost-effective threat simulator]

Instrumentation Development and Integration [Range Modernization: Improving Capabilities and Integrating Systems]

Modeling & Simulation

Remote Operations [Operating all TSPI, TM, and GPS Systems from a central location]

RF Networks [Secure High Bandwidth RF Network Architecture Provides Solutions to Your Connectivity Requirements]

RF/UV/IR, Radiometers, Sensors, Sources, Test Equipment

  • UV Imaging Radiometers
  • UV Imagers
  • UV Parabolic Simulator
  • UV LED Plume Simulator

Subject Matter Experts

Spectrum Reallocation

Test Instrumentation

Threat Simulation

TSPI Tracking Radars [Design Development Upgrades]

  • Remotely Operated Tracking Radars (ROTRs)
  • NIKE Radar Upgrades
  • Multiple Track Instrumentation Radar Upgrades (MIR)
  • Cobra Judy and GrayStar Shipborne Systems