Radar And Threat Simulators

Threat Radar and Simulator Division

Radar Design Development and Upgrades

In house analog and digital hardware and software development
Large-scale Systems Design
COTS/ Open Architecture Solutions
Total Systems Solutions
Embedded Real-time Software Development
Threat Assessments
Integration capability for Ships, Ranges and Labs
High Performance, Programmable Hardware Development
Digital Signal Processing
Phased Array Technology

RF Threat Simulators
Open-Air and Laboratory Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems fielded for Army, Navy, and Air Force customers

Open Air Radar (OAR) Simulators

  • Full function radar systems for open-air test ranges
  • Hi-fidelity threat emulation for DT&E and OT&E
  • Threat representative signal generation and signal processing
  • Integration of radars into existing range infrastructure

Laboratory Simulators

  • Closed-loop hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) systems
  • Below-deck equipment common with Open Air Range (OAR) Simulators
  • Environment generation subsystems provide realistic RF environment injected into radar, ECM, and seeker receivers
  • Integration with lab infrastructure for common simulated targets in multi-threat environment

Multi-functional Radar Simulator (MFRS)

  • Powerful, next generation programmable, reconfigurable and cost-effective threat simulator
  • Composable radar configurations
  • RF operating frequency range of 500 MHz to 40 GHz
  • User programmable for wide variety of radar and missile seekers
  • Current RF versions provide two simultaneous radar simulations
  • Supports multiple analog interfaces to EW systems under test in multiples of four channels
  • Supports testing of phase and amplitude angle of arrival devices
  • Digital only version for modelling and simulation at I/Q signal level, extendable to full hardware version

Instrumentation Radars
Complete Low-Power Group Equipment Upgrades to aging systems

  • Servo motor upgrade
  • Tracking optics with star calibration
  • Low-level electronics, processing and display replacement
  • Beam steering unit replacement
  • Enhanced wide band radar scheduling, waveform generation, and signal processing

Multiple Track Instrumentation Radar (MIR) Upgrades
Multiple Object Tracking Radar (MOTR) Upgrades
NIKE Radar Upgrades

Counter UAS Radar: ‘Nemesis Lite™ in development
Portable short range track-while-scan radar development

  • X-Band solid state
  • Full 360 degree coverage
  • Electronic elevation scanning
  • Mechanical azimuth scanning
  • -25 dBsm targets at 10 km
  • 7.5 m range resolution

Board and Chassis Level Products
Multi-channel high rate Direct Digital Synthesis
Wide dynamic range Digital Receivers
High Speed multi-signal synchronization
Programmable Timing and Control

RF Printed Circuit Modules
Up Converters
Down Converters
Switched Filters Banks
High Isolation Fast Switches
High Dynamic Range Attenuators

Countermeasures Pedestals
Digital Receivers
Digital Waveform Generators
EWA Nemesis Lite™
EWA Nemesis™ Radar
Multi-Functional Radar Simulator (MFRS)
Power and Control Distribution Boards
Range Instrumentation Systems
Realtime Timing and Control Chassis, Boards and Cards
Threat Radar Systems